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Additional options can be ordered directly via the Mobile Portal or by calling 0800 858 575.

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In the Admin Portal you can block your SIM card at any time yourself, or contact our customer service to have this done for you.

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After ordering an option, you will receive a confirmation SMS. If this is not the case, please contact us on 0800 858 575.

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When the option has been exhausted, you will receive an SMS to confirm consumption of the option. You also receive a status SMS at 80% consumption.

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Most mobile phones will already be pre-configured for using data services. If not, you will automatically receive the settings via a message shortly after you have activated your SIM card. What remains is to open the message and apply these settings; for Apple devices, simply follow the instructions in the message.

To configure your mobile device manually, please use the following settings for the relevant service:

Mobile data use:

  • Name: upcnet
  • APN: internet.ch.upcmobile.com
  • User name: “leave empty”
  • Password: “leave empty”



  • Information centre number in Switzerland: +41 784 090 35 00
  • Information number centre abroad: +32 475 000 731 5600

More information on manually configuring your mobile phone can be found in the user guide of your mobile phone.

You can find more information concerning the configuration of your mobile device for mobile data use abroad under the question “How do I configure my mobile device for mobile data use abroad?”.

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All customers are provided with a voicemail box by default. This means that in the case the line is busy, when you do not answer the phone or when you are unreachable, callers are diverted to your voicemail box.

To allow or to prevent callers from being able to leave you a voicemail message, you will need to do the following:

  • dial 0041 86 followed by your mobile number (If, for example, your mobile number is 078 xxx xx xx, dial 0041 86 078 xxx xx xx to access your voicemail box.)

To activate/deactivate you voicemail box follow the following steps:

  • select menu option 3 to change your mailbox settings
  • select menu option 4 to activate or deactivate your voicemail box


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Three different SIM card formats are available to you: micro, mini and nano. The three SIM cards differ in size and are all included in our 3-in-1 SIM:

The format you require depends on your mobile phone. Please check the technical data of your mobile phone to see which SIM card is suitable for your mobile phone.

You can request a new SIM card in the Admin Portal.

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